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05 juin 2007

FAQ - english



The sketches are originals creations amde by Lutine (hu well, by myself in fact ^__^). Every each week, I will post on the blog a new scrap sketch, or sometime-rarely-now-and-then a card sketch.

You can use it as you please. You can submit your layouts made with one of my sketches to magazines and contests if you like,  I don't mind. But I will be very pleased if you send an e-mail to inform me ;)

The "Sketchuné" challenge

Every 2-week I'll post the "Sketchuné" challenge (what a strange name, doesn't it ^__^). It's a challenge based on a sketch. If you want to participate,just post your piece on your blog/gallery linking back to "Sketch by Lutine" blog.

Then come back here and post the permalinkin the comment section above the article announcing the challenge. The article will be updated regularly with the participations and the links to blog's participants.

ISMAKI Twinning

IsMaKi is a weekly challenge based on a card sketch, posted by is@ Norris, Mag & Kianel : You will find there super sketches, wonderful example layouts and some regular guests. Consequently, no card challenge here. If you are looking for challenges for card-making, please visit IsMaKi

What is write in french on the sketches ?

Some word don't need to be translate as they are the same in english (date, photos...).  For the others here is a little translation :

- Titre = Title

- Sous-titre = Subtitle

- Lieu = Place

- Légende = Journaling

Thank you for taking the time to read the FAQ !

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    HI Lutine
    Searching for found interesting links i found you blog.. I'm a newbie blogger who loves scrapbooking.. i will add your link to my blog.
    I feel happy found you... i like your link.

    Greetings from Puerto Rico

    Posté par Sonia, 25 mars 2008 à 19:49

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